Tips For Nervous Dental Patients

Dental fears can be quite common in many people of any age, and unfortunately, a phobia of the dentist can prevent many people from keeping up with proper dental care and hygiene.

However, it’s important to do all you can to overcome these fears, and we’ll always help you as much as possible to talk you through your procedure and what to expect.

Regular dental appointments are essential to ensure your teeth are healthy and your oral hygiene is as it should be. This is to prevent a number of problems, including gum disease, which can increase the risk of further serious problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. To help you feel calm before you even step through our doors, we’ve put together some helpful tips to alter your mindset and calm your nerves before any check up, treatment or procedure.

1. Choose the right dental practice.

If you’re a nervous patient, the most important thing you can do is to choose a dental practice who specialise in dealing with nervous patients. At Fresh Smile Clinic, we are Dental Phobia Certified. This means that we understand the needs of each individual and work hard to ensure our patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable throughout their appointment. We also invest in the best dental equipment to make sure all our patients get the best treatment.


Your dentist is not only there to fix your teeth; they are also there to listen to any concerns you have about your teeth and your overall appointment. By telling your dentist that you have some concerns, they can work with you to help you overcome them. For example, your dentist can go through each step of your appointment so you know what to expect or schedule in breaks in between your treatment. You may also find that voicing your concerns to your dentist can help you feel more relaxed in general. Whether you’re having a quick check up or a more lengthy procedure such as root canal treatment or Invisalign, we can help you feel at ease.


Before your booked appointment, ask for a consultation with your dentist. Talking to your dentist beforehand is perfect for nervous dental patients as it can put you at ease before your main appointment. Knowing what to expect, getting familiar with your dentist and discussing the length and results of your treatments is a great way of ensuring you’re more relaxed when your main appointment arrives.


Being alone at your dentist appointment could make your fears escalate. If you think you would be calmer with a friend or family member who could sit with you in your appointment, then we would definitely recommend it! If you are having a treatment that you haven’t had before and you’re feeling nervous, ask around. Many treatments and procedures are relatively common, so it is likely you will know someone who has had the same procedure before. Talking about what to expect can help put some of your worries at ease.


Depending on how worried you are about your dental appointment, there are further steps you can take to ensure you are as calm as possible. Nervous dental patients may benefit from listening to music or audiobooks during their treatment, or from practicing breathing techniques. Placing your focus on something else can reduce the effects of nerves and make the experience more bearable for you.


At Fresh Smile Clinic, we do our best to not only help you through your appointment, but to also help you to overcome your dental fears. Here are a few ways in which we make the simplest of procedures as fast and pain free as possible, and how we work to calm your nerves: Team introductions before your treatment.

  • Techniques and strategies to help with anxiety and nervousness.
  • Information about how to distract yourself while procedures are taking place.
  • Carry out pain-free injections.
  • Digital scanners instead of impressions.
  • Relaxation techniques and strategies.


We understand that there are many reasons why a dentist appointment may seem daunting, which is why we put procedures in place to help reduce this. If you’re feeling a little nervous about visiting a dentist and are unsure on your next steps, talk to Fresh Smile Clinic. Our dentists can put you at ease and ensure you’re fully ready for your appointment. Call us on 01484714640 or send us an email to

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