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Fresh Smile Clinic is your local Huddersfield Dentist Invisalign Provider. Misaligned or crooked teeth not only look unpleasant, they also make that day to day living a lot more difficult.

One big problem, for example, is the cleaning of our teeth and if we can’t do this properly we may well fall foul of periodontal disease. And you know what this means, the potential of the dreaded tooth loss!

Wearing braces, of course, is the tried and tested age old method of straightening teeth. But those old “train track” braces come with some big drawbacks. They can be painful to wear, look unattractive and may well be decidedly uncomfortable. In the modern world, adults can find themselves being embarrassed to wear traditional braces but thanks to Invisalign, there is another way.

Here are just some of the reasons why they’re so great and better than the metal!

Invisalign Braces Look Great! Metal braces sure are noticeable but Invisalign, as the name the suggests, are practically invisible. Many of our patients who have them fitted have told us that they barely noticed they have them on along with their friends and family.

They’re comfortable to wear Metal braces must remain on until their removed professionally, but this isn’t the case with Invisalign. Far from it. They are completely removable and if somebody decided that they want to removed them to drink or eat then they could with ease.

Invisalign is a perfectly safe treatment Metal braces are known to scratch and puncture the inside of mouths but clear braces are comfortable and wonderfully smooth. Invisalign braces dramatically reduce any damage caused by using traditional braces and are far less likely to contribute to cavities and gum disease.

There are no big surprises with Invisalign If you have Invisalign Braces fitted by a professional like us, you’ll be kept fully in the loop and the process is clear, detailed and professional and we know exactly what the outcomes will be.

Fresh Smile Clinic, believes firmly that there are many advantages over metal braces and this article only brings to light but a few! They may cost a little more, but boy is it worth it. They pose fewer risks, they’re comfortable, look practically invisible and drive fast and super effective results.

If you want a quick, straight and beautiful smile, you can’t go wrong with Invisalign!

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