Ask the Dentist - Why Do Fillings Fail?

Dr Kirrin Punia, Principal Dentist at Huddersfield Dentist Fresh Smile Dental Clinic, tells us why a person’s filling may need a replacement and be more likely to fail than others.

Many of us here in Britain have to endure constant drips to the dentist to have their fillings changed. So, how can we get a situation where our mouths are stable with less trips to the dentist as the reward?

Well, let’s start with the facts to shed a little about why fillings might fail in the first place. According to Frontiers in Medicine, people who smoke or drink alcohol regularly, are far more likely to have their fillings fail on them.

The research also reportedly explained that genetics also play a role in the rates of filling failures.

Also, the team behind the research, believe there is a link between an enzyme in our teeth and filling failures.

This particular type of enzyme may well break the bond between the surface of the tooth and the filling which could let to the dreaded failure but they did say a lot more research needs to be done before final conclusions can be made.

On the subject of filling failures, Dr Kirrin Punia explains: “A filling can fail for lots of different reasons. The main one we believe is down to a person’s diet. If there’s lots of sugar in your mouth decay will eventually start to gather on the edges surround the filling.

“That decay in time will being to spread and will cause the fill to fall out eventually.

“We recommend that people should cut down on the amount of sugar they drink or eat if they want to avoid their fillings becoming week and unstable.”

Here are some top Fresh Smile Clinic tips to reduce the changes of filling failure…

Reduce your intake of sugar and make some positive changes to your routine Go longer between sugar snacks to give the saliva in your mouth a chance to work its magic Cleaning is everything. If soft white plaque is visible after you’ve brushed or they bleed speak to your dentist who will tell you how to brush properly. Why is saliva so important? Saliva is really effective as it allows our teeth to harden thanks to its neutralising properties. Having the right conditions in your mouth will dramatically reduce to chances of failed fillings.

Remember this, if you care for your car and it treat it with lots of respect, it lasts a lot longer. The same goes for your teeth. Put in the effort daily and you’ll notice a massive difference and far less problems in the long run, preventing the need for restorative dental procedures such as dental implants.

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