Everything You Need To Know About Your Dental Check-Up

It is recommended that you have a dental check up once every six months, but depending on your overall oral health, your dentist may increase or decrease this time frame.

A check up is important for many reasons, but if it is not something you’re used to, booking an appointment can seem like unfamiliar territory. To help you understand what a check up is and how it works, we’ve put together some points about the benefits of dental check ups and to help you regain your confidence.

What happens during a dental check up?

A regular check up is usually split into two different parts; the main check of your teeth and mouth, and the cleaning process. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by your dentist who will ask to take a look in your mouth. Your dentist will check each individual tooth for any signs of cavities and will highlight the early stages of any future problems. Signs of plague and tartar build up will also be checked for, and if your dentist has any worries, then action will be taken to fix these problems.

After a check of your teeth, your dentist will then check your gums using a special tool. This is to measure the depth of the space between your teeth and gums. Your dentist should also examine your neck, tongue and throat to identify any signs of swelling or cancer symptoms.

The second part of your dental check up involves a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Your hygienist will use specialist tools to remove any hard to reach plague and the build-up of tartar, and your teeth will also be polished to remove surface stains. Finally, your hygienist will floss your teeth to ensure they are completely clean. The whole process is entirely pain free and is nothing to worry about.

How long do dental check ups take?

The length of your dental check up will vary depending on your overall oral health. If you have a healthy mouth and you don’t require any further treatment, then your first check up will take a couple of minutes, with your clean taking around 10 to 15 minutes. If you require a more detailed check up, or if your dentist finds any problems, then it may take a little longer.

Do you really need teeth cleaning every 6 months?

We would recommend that you include a clean once every six or nine months to ensure you prevent plaque and tartar from building up. In doing so, your hygienist can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, if your dentist has identified any problems with your teeth, they may recommend you have a clean more often, especially if you are a smoker or have had problems with your oral health in the past. The fresh feeling of a clean is also a huge benefit too!

Regular dental hygiene appointments and check ups are also increasingly important for those with dental implants to prevent peri-implantitis.

How much does a dental check up cost?

At Fresh Smile Clinic, we offer two different membership plans to ensure you get exactly what you need:

Maintenance Membership

  • With our Maintenance Membership plan, you’ll receive:
  • 2 dental appointments per year
  • 2 hygiene appointments per year
  • Routine x-rays when required
  • 20% discount on all routine dental treatments

Fresh Smile Hygiene Plan

  • With our Fresh Smile Hygiene Plan, you’ll receive:
  • 2 dental appointments per year
  • 4 hygiene appointments per year
  • Routine x-rays when required
  • 20% discounts on all routine dental treatments

If you’re unsure which membership plan you need, talk to our team and we’ll recommend the right one for you based on your requirements. View our fees page for up-to date pricing.

What to do between each check up

It’s important that you don’t neglect your teeth and oral health in between each dental check up. You should always take the right steps to remove plaque and keep your mouth clean. Here are a few different ways in which you can help your teeth in between your routine check up appointments:

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice per day
  • Floss each day
  • Use a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and control bacteria from plaque.

Dental check ups are important. Book yours today with Fresh Smile Clinic. Your dental check ups are there to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy and you should schedule in at least 2 visits per year, unless otherwise stated by your dental professional. If you’re feeling nervous about having a dental check up, or you’d like to book an appointment with us, get in touch with our dental practice today. Call us on 01484714640 or send us an email to info@freshsmileclinic.co.uk.

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