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Huddersfield & Halifax

  • Invisalign from only £2675 - the best deal in town
  • Cost of Invisalign includes £1000 of extras you won't get anywhere else
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Invisalign In Huddersfield and Halifax

We are exclusive members of MiSmile, the UK's leaders of Invisalign.

Fresh Smile Clinic is an award-winning cosmetic dentist. We are proud to provide leading Invisalign Huddersfield services to help thousands of people across Yorkshire smile with confidence.

As a popular Invisalign clinic in Huddersfield, our prices are the most competitive. If you live in Huddersfield, Halifax or surrounding areas, you are only minutes away from the best Invisalign treatment in West Yorkshire.

Anil Saandal

This Clinic is brilliant. The staff are amazing, friendly and professional.I had dental implants, Invisalign and finished off with teeth whitening.

They treated me with care and fully looked after me every step of the way and catered greatly for any questions/worries I may have had during the process.

Highly recommend you seek your dental needs at this clinic, you won't be disappointed!!

What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

  • Solves a range of orthodontic issues for a straighter smile
  • Great for those who may be put off by traditional metal braces, fixed brackets and fiddly wires
  • Invisalign aligners are custom-made for personalised orthodontic treatment
  • Fast acting with fewer check-ups so more convenient and less expensive
  • Fewer appointments
  • Designed just for you with cutting edge 3D Clincheck®software
  • 3D computer technology will show your treatment journey from start to finish
  • Comfortable and hygienic
  • Predictable and precise results
  • Removable for cleaning, eating or a special night out
  • Suitable for a whole host of toothy issues from minor movements to much more involved cases
  • Set of retainers provided to keep teeth in place following treatment

Invisalign special offer

Our special offer includes £1000 worth of extras you will not get anywhere else.
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  • Free 3D smile simulation scan worth £150
  • Free scale & polish hygiene session worth £65
  • Free teeth whitening worth £300
  • Invisalign treatment is the lowest around from £2,675 includes all aligners
  • 3 x Vivera® removable retainers worth £395
  • 12 months aftercare
  • Only practice to start your treatment with 24hrs from initial consultation
  • 0%  interest-free finance & flexible payment options
  • Includes mobile app and digital scan box to keep track of your movement in real time

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Cost of Invisalign:
Best deal in town and 0% interest plans available

Invisalign lite

A typical case will take upto 5 months to complete.
From £2675 / £56 a month
Whats Included - 14 aligners | 3 retainers | Free whitening | Mobile digital Scan box | 1 Professional clean | All of your appointments
0% Interest free payment plans available

Invisalign full

Typical cases take 10 - 18 months to complete.
From £3775 / £77 a month
Whats Included - Unlimited aligners | 3 retainers | Free whitening | Mobile digital Scan box | 1 Professional clean | All of your appointments
0% Interest free payment plans available

Easy process

1. Virtual consultation at the comfort of your home.

2. Full assessment with 3D digital scanning of mouth.

3. Start your Invasalign journey.

4. Enjoy your new smile with complimentary teeth whitening.

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How does the Invisalign process work?

A series of virtually invisible aligners are produced from impressions taken of your teeth.

Every two weeks you’ll wear a slightly different aligner until the carefully controlled force shifts your teeth to the desired position.

Unlike traditional braces, Invasalign® not only controls the level of movement for each aligner, but also how long it takes so at each stage, as prescribed by your personalised plan.

We’ll keep an eye on you every step of the way to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

A diamond provider is one of the highest ranked and most experienced Invisalign Dentists.

Almost impossible to detect

Invisalign is ideal for those who want straight teeth but who may be put off by embarrassing fixed brackets and fiddly wires. The appearance of traditional braces can patients to feel self-conscious, particularly for adults. Your Invisalign treatment is almost impossible to detect, so you can carry on with your daily activities without trying to hide your smile.


Invisalign treatment requires fewer check-ups due to our complimentary Digital Scanner. Simply upload your progress online for one of our team to assess. Many local patients choose our clinic for their Invisalign services, including Huddersfield, Brighouse and Halifax. We’re Yorkshire’s top choice for Invisalign – our popularity also helps to keep our prices competitive!

Leading technology

As exclusive members of MiSmile, the UK’s leaders of Invisalign, we are proud to provide the highest standards of care from your initial consultation to progress check-ups. Advanced technology is just one of the ways we can ensure you are comfortable every step of your journey. We design each Invisalign Halifax treatment to suit your unique needs with cutting edge 3D Clincheck®software. 3D computer technology will show your treatment journey from start to finish.


An Invisalign treatment is comfortable and hygienic, allowing you to carry on your day-to-day activities as usual. Unlike traditional teeth straightening, you can remove the aligner for cleaning, eating or a special night out.

Predictable & precise

Renowned for its predictable and precise results, Invisalign Huddersfield is suitable for a whole host of toothy issues from minor movements to much more involved cases. As part of our service, we provide you with a set of retainers to keep teeth in place following treatment.

Whether you’re looking for Invisalign in Bradford or you’re from Huddersfield, we can help you to achieve your dream smile.

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