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The Truth About Flossing


Fresh Smile Clinic reveals some top tips to keep your oral health in check this season…

Fresh Smile Clinic reveals some top tips to keep your oral health in check this season…

We’ve all asked the question, is flossing really it’s all cracked up to be? In this article, Fresh Smile Clinic, a leading private dentist in Huddersfield, answers the question and tries to put to bed the age-old debate.

Flossing: The whole tooth and nothing but

  • People here at the practice often ask is flossing is really needed after they brush
  • Dr Kirrin Punia of Fresh Smile helps us lay things to rest
  • We believe flossing is KEY to somebody’s daily routine

“Flossing is integral to making sure our overall oral health is in tip-top shape and is proven to combat tooth decay,” explains Kirrin. “Not only that, it makes our teeth look great too.”

“We’ve seen time and time again that flossing daily is extrpely effective when it comes to breaking down plaque build up, especially in those hard to reach places in our mouths.

“What’s more, if we only brush, we’re bound to miss excess food particles so it’s really important that we do it every day.”

Dr Punia also believes that flossing is a big aid when it comes to combating gum disease, also referred to as Gingivitis; a key cause of smelly and bad breath.

Gum disease, she says, sounds extrpely worrying and scary, but it’s completely preventable and treatable as part of your routine that should always feature flossing.

Kirrin continues:

“If you’re somebody that suffers from bleeding or sensitive gums you may be one of those people that think flossing can make the situation worse, but this really isn’t the case.

“In actual reality, flossing will prevent bleeding and bolster the health of your gums.

“Don’t see it is as a hindrance, all you need to do is use traditional floss and have a good technique. If you can’t remember how to do it, simply ask your dentist to give you a refresher demonstration. It will only take two minutes!”

According to Fresh Smile Clinic, flossing has never been simpler!

Fresh Smile Clinic is a leading private dentist based in Brighouse, near Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire. Specialising in general dentistry and advanced cosmetic treatments, the practice takes the issue of oral health extrpely seriously.

To find out more about how we can improve your oral health. Call our team of dental experts at Fresh Smile Dental Clinic in Huddersfield on 01484 714640.