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Root Canal Treatment

Saving your tooth with a Root cancel at the Fresh Smile Clinic

Saving your tooth with a Root cancel at the Fresh Smile Clinic

We are proud to offer a dedicated Dentist for high quality endodontics service in the heart of Brighouse, near Huddersfield and Halifax.

Root canal treatment commonly known as Endodontics, involves saving a removing the infected pulp which can be caused by decay or injury.

In most cases the treatment is often a lengthy process which requires great skill and patience from both Dentist and treated patient.

What’s involved?

1. First Appointment

Removal of the infected pulp, which involves a number of X-Ray to size the treating canal and shape. Before beginning you will be given local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area.

We often use the Wand for pain free injection before starting.

Using only specialist root canal treatment, the Dentist Dr Brufman will begin by creating an opening of the tooth to access the infected pulp and clean it away. In the process the canal will be shaped for a better fill towards the end of the treatment finally, root filling will be used to fill the space which has just been cleaned.

Now we need the tooth to settle down and will aid with a temporary filling more often the filling will include medication which helps destroy any germs and protects against further infection.

2. Second Appointment

At your second appointment we examine the tooth thoroughly making sure all infection has now cleared.

The Dentist will then begin by replacing the temporary filling with a permanent one. Although every attempt is made root canal treatment does weaken the tooth and in some cases, it will need strengthening by a support crown.

At Fresh Smile Clinic we use only the finest specialist materials and cutting edge techniques to ensure a highest standard of care.

Dr Matias Brufman BDS,MSc

I have special interest in aesthetic dentistry, complex restorative treatments and finished my MSc in Endodontics at Salamanca University in 2016. I am  an Associate Member of the American Association of Endodontics, Spanish Endodontic Society, and other Endodontic associations to continuously develop my skills.

I have completed many hours of advanced training in modern Endodontic and restorative dental procedures. I have been trained in and regularly use magnification to assist the production of the highest quality work. I also like speaking to other dentists on this subject and take referrals in this area.

I am calm and caring and feel this helps treating nervous patients and children.