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Best Dentists in Huddersfield

Searching for the best dentists in Huddersfield? Our award-winning team is ready to take care of you!

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Understand the warning signs of mouth cancer. Are you mouth aware?

When it comes to cancer, many of us would like to think we’re rather clued up. It’s common knowledge that we should all be proactive in checking for those out of place lumps but how much do we know about the hidden danger of mouth cancer?

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Ask the Dentist Why do fillings fail? Fresh Smile Explains All

Dr Kirrin Punia, Principal Dentist at Fresh Smile Dental Clinic, Huddersfield, tells us why a person’s filling may need a replacement and be more likely to fail than others.

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Invisalign Huddersfield Expert Talks You Through the Benefits of Clear Braces

Misaligned or crooked teeth not only look unpleasant, they also make that day to day living a lot more difficult.

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The truth behind Charcoal Toothpaste

OK, so we’ve heard the claims. Some dental pros out there think charcoal toothpaste isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, what’s the truth?

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Health Foods Private Dentist in Huddersfield

We often think about keeping our body in tip-top condition but, according to a private dentist in Huddersfield, a lot of us don’t give the same thought to how certain food choices can impact our oral health.

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A Dentist in Huddersfield Explains The Facts Behind Teeth Whitening

As a leading Dentist in Huddersfield, Fresh Smile Clinic is always happy to spread our knowledge and bust certain myths around some of the world’s most popular treatments.

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The Truth About Flossing

Fresh Smile Clinic reveals some top tips to keep your oral health in check this season…

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