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Digitally tailored made crowns for you.

Crowns at the Fresh Smile Clinic

Bespoke treatment plan

5 year guarantee for our plan members

Digitally made, no impressions required

Variety of crown types available

The benefits of Crowns

  • Cover the entire surface of a damaged or discoloured tooth
  • Made from strong, natural looking materials
  • Specially designed just for you to ensure a perfect fit
  • Long lasting solution

Our Customer Service Award means you will feel looked after at every stage of your journey to enhanced teeth.

How do they work?

After carefully preparing your tooth, we will take digital scanned impressions to produce tailor-made crowns. The colour of your teeth is also recorded so it will blend in perfectly.

A temporary crown is fitted to protect your tooth while you are waiting for your shiny permanent one. This will then be placed over the entire surface of your tooth to mask any problems.

Crowns - Case Review

I’m not one of the nervous patients as i’ve had similar procedures with my teeth before but it’s always nice to feel warm and welcome when you meet a dentist and that’s exactly how I felt!

The reception staff are fabulous and you can have a laugh and joke with them. A personal touch, never had a need to give my name when entering the practice.

Louise M

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Crowns - Case Review

My dentist, Kirrin, was lovely, so friendly and very informative!

I don’t think I’ve had a dentist go through as much as she did things I never knew myself which is really good. She talked me through each stage of getting my new teeth and what each appointment involved.

Over the moon with everything that I’ve had done. 100% for customer care!

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