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Thank you so much for making me smile again!

I must say I think you have the most calming, charming and sincere manner, you know just what to say and when to say it! And even how to say it, with a smile of course! As well as all the expertise in your field, and making the best of a potential smile! You have put me at ease when I have been panicking on the phone, probably over nothing at all, things are so much better when I have spoken to you or your practice. I think that your team is wonderful, its great no needles at all. I have not felt any pain while I have been in your surgery. I can sincerely say that I would recommend you your surgery and your treatment to anyone! Even the really terrified like me! As I think you are the most wonderful dentist I have ever met!

All the best from Jan

The Most Supportive of Dentists

Hi, I can’t begin to express how I feel about having dental implants, it has made a vast difference about how I look and feel comfortable about myself. For a start I can’t stand the feeling of having anything touching the roof of my mouth so there was none of that.

Kirrin is the most supportive of dentists I have met and nothing is too much trouble for her

Anna Jackson

I am so happy this morning because I have got the brilliant teeth you put in yesterday. I woke up feeling so confident after all these years. People think it is just cosmetic having something like this done but I already feel a different person and can speak much more clearly not to mention the improvement in appearance.

Christine Hoyland

I had an estimate to have two implants for two front teeth where a double crown had broken. I wasn’t happy with the treatment plan and a friend gave me an advert from a magazine for Fresh Smile Clinic. I am completely satisfied with the work they have done and the staff and friendly atmosphere have made this a very good experience. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

Anne Rabbich

I have a phobia about my teeth and I did not go to the dentist for years. I have this feeling that my teeth are going to fall out, that if I go to the dentist I will be told that there is something seriously wrong, such as severe gum disease. I also do not like dental surgeries. Needles do not particularly bother me.

Thank you very much to all the wonderful staff. Thank you for the amazing service and my lovely new teeth.

Valerie R

I do not particularly like going to the dentist although I would not describe myself as having a phobia about going. He is efficient but also friendly which helps enormously to make a visit more pleasant. He always comes towards me, shakes my hand and we are on first name terms. He is chatty and sometimes jokey, making an effort to put me at my ease. He is also skilled at his job, is very careful and I always have full confidence in what he is doing. In particular, his injections do not hurt. I am not sure how they work but they do!

I spent most of my life being frightened of visits to the Dentist and lost many of my teeth because I only went when it was too late to save them. (I am 56).

I’ve always had a fear of dentists. Unfortunately my mother took me only when my teeth were hurting. That was in the 50s- very primitive dentistry!

My crowded teeth have always bothered me so after speaking with teh Fresh Smile Clinic I was excited and confident that they could put the smile back on my face before my wedding.

I was delighted with every aspect of the treatment particularly the attention to detail and thoroughness.

The results more than exceeded my expectations, I cannot thank the team enough!

I would definitely recommend the Invisalign treatment and the Fresh Smile Clinic to anyone!

Natelie Toas

It took me year to build up the confidence to go to the dentist and after looking around for one that could handle a very nervous patient I chose Fresh Smile Clinic.

The first time I went I was so scared I just felt like walking out and forgetting all about it but Sam (Receptionist) kept reassuring me that everything would be OK.

I stayed and had the first checkup and it was so different to what I was expecting, Dr Punia and Joanne (Dental Nurse) just took their time to make sure I was OK before they started. Dr Punia then went through all the options available to me, I knew my teeth were in a poor state and wouldn’t last much longer if I didn’t get them sorted so I decided to go with a full smile makeover (this included Implants, Crowns and Gum Reduction).

It took quite a while for the work to be completed but my teeth now look GREAT. I cannot believe what Dr Punia has managed to achieve, just last year I felt embarrassed when I smiled but now I can’t stop showing them off.

Big Thanks to everyone at the clinic


I would like to thank you for all your care over the last 13 years.

My original National Heath Service Dentist was very basic, and the private one which was local to me wasn’t able to do implants. So I went to Fresh Smile Clinic for a front tooth implant to replace the plate I had.

They were extremely good, the treatment explanation was second to none and the result was absolutely fantastic.

Brian Clayton

As you will remember I was a very frightened and nervous patient when you took over the practice- but now with you help and kindness, I do not mind visiting you.

I’ve been to a few dentist who offer ‘support’ for nervous patients but Fresh Smile is truly my best experience to date. From the welcome from Sam on Reception, the treatment by everyone in the practice – Dental Nurses and Dentist alike. Everyone is caring and wanting the best for you as the patient.

For many years i had fought going to dentists, only going when there was an urgent need – and only then under guard by my wife because I was known to avoid going by any means possible. So, what has this got to do with Fresh Smile – well recently I’d had Root Canal Treatment with them – under escort as usual. Recently I’d had a problem with the same tooth, I’d had a chest infection for 6 plus weeks, along with horrible coughing fits and I’d thought that I’d coughed up some phlegm – but then felt air blowing through the gap in my teeth that have been there – the tooth had split vertically and the half with the filling had broken off!

So, what happened next is the surprise – I rang Fresh Smile, explained the problem and asked for the an appointment, got it and then told my wife, and on the day went on my own!!

The bottom line is that if you are terrified of dentists – give Fresh Smile a try, you’ll find a welcome and safe place there – just like I did

Adrian Haigh-Hutchinson

I had had some bad dental treatment from dentists who gave me shoddy treatment and several times have felt close to tears.

I needed extractions, implants, crowns, bridges and a filling. So needed to find a dentist.

The care at Fresh Smile Clinic is second to none, professional in every way, have felt well & truly looked after, how many people are on first name terms with their dentist? I am!

Every member of staff has been friendly as soon as you walk through the door, and all my treatment was pain free.

Job well done.

I was recommended to visit the Fresh Smile Clinic for dental implants.

The whole procedure was explained thoroughly and carefully, any question were answered and I understood.

All the dentistry was explained as it was taking place and I never felt uneasy or in any pain.

Extremely please with the end result and have complete confidence in Dr Punia and Joanna – Great Team


It took my wife Janet quite a long time to persuade me to come to your dental practice. As you are aware, I am a complete coward when it comes to dentists. Having had previous orthodontic treatment and surgery when I was young really put me off dentists forever. But all that changed the day I met you.

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